SGI’s 6 Points of Difference

  1. We're focused on homeowners and small investors
  2. We back up our services with 4 guarantees
  3. We do property management as well as brokerage
  4. We're not a franchise
  5. We're big enough to serve you and small enough to care.
  6. We're honest

Read further for more details on each of our points of difference.

SGI Focuses on Homeowners and Small Investors Exclusively.

Some of our competitors try to do business with every type of customer.  SGI focuses on owners of single family homes and small multiplexes (duplex, triplex, fourplex).  That’s it.

We don’t help with:

  • Mobile homes
  • Short term vacation rentals
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Apartment buildings
  • Furnished homes

Some of our competitors try to do business with every type of customer.  SGI focuses on owners of single family homes and small multiplexes (duplex, triplex, fourplex).  That’s it.

Do we lose some business that way?  Sure.

But it also allows us to do a much better job for the people we DO focus on:

  • Single family homeowners
  • Investors who have single family homes
  • Small multi-plexes (duplex, triplex, fourplex)

We think success comes from focus, just like Bill Gates does:

“My success, part of it certainly, is that I have focused in on a few things.”

Bill Gates

SGI Has Four Guarantees

Check out our competitors. Count how many guarantees they make you. Go ahead, take a look at their websites…we’ll wait.

What did you find? Our guess is that you scarcely found ONE guarantee. Most have none.

SGI Property Management’s 4 guarantees:

SGI fast rental guarantee:
We guarantee to rent your home in 14 Days…or your first two months of management are free.

SGI low price guarantee:
We guarantee to beat any legitimate competitor offer.

SGI quality tenant guarantee:
We guarantee any tenant we find for you will work out, or we’ll replace them for free for up to 4 months

SGI 100% awesomeness guarantee:
If you are unhappy for any reason, we’ll refund your management fees, up to 4 months (but we’d rather just make you happy!).

Why do we offer four guarantees? Because we know how hard you have worked to own the home you are thinking about having someone else manage.

Its your nest egg.
Your retirement.
Your pot of gold.
Your baby.

We want you to know its going to be in good hands. So we make promises to you about how we’ll take care of you and your home. And then we stand behind those promises with guarantees.

SGI Does Both Property Management AND Brokerage

90% of real estate companies do only do brokerage (help customers buy and sell homes), 10% of all real estate companies only do property management.

SGI does both. SGI does property management and SGI does brokerage. Why does that matter?

Imagine this situation: You wonder after a couple of years of renting your home whether you should rent or sell your home. You want to ask your management company what the market is like, and whether they would suggest you rent or sell. But do you think a company that ONLY does property management can be objective about you selling your home? After all, if you sell, they lose you as a client.

And how much money do they make if you sell your home? Zip. Zero. Goose egg.

SGI does both property management and brokerage (helping buyers purchase homes and owners sell them). So we can help you either way. If you want to rent, we can rent your home. If its better for you to sell, we can help you sell your home. And lets be honest here, we are not a charity; we are here to make a profit.

So if you keep renting? We can make money.

If you choose to sell? We can make money that way too.

Our competitors who only do property management get pretty hot under the collar when we bring this whole issue up. They think we should not point out the fact that companies that only do property management lose money if an owner decides to sell their home. Why does that them so mad? Beneficial.

SGI is NOT A Franchise

SGI Property Management is succeeding as a company and we are growing into new cities, but we are NOT a franchise. And that matters to you. Why does it matter to you?

Two reasons:

1) Franchises are burdened with franchise agreements. Part of being a franchise means following the rules laid out by the franchise holder. Franchisors need these rules so their brand they have worked hard to build doesn’t get screwed up by franchisees doing whatever they want. After all, if any local McDonald’s owner could start selling whatever he/she wanted at the local Mickey D’s who knows the weird food and product combinations we might see offered and that would all reflect poorly on McDonalds as a brand. These franchise policies can be set by the national offices in far away cities. But the work of property management is done locally. People sometimes need some local common sense and service, not rules and policies decided in far away cities. We think locally owned, non franchise companies are better suited to serve the needs of our local customers.

2) SGI is not part of a franchise: Innovation. If you want the latest thinking and the most creative approaches, do you think you’re more likely to get them from:

A franchise where the national goal is to have everyone operate in the same manner (after all, that is the essence of a franchise)? or
A local company free to react to local trends and customer needs?

Let us put it another way: if you wanted a really special, unique meal out….would you go to a McDonalds? Just sayin’.

SGI is Big Enough to Serve You; Small Enough to Care.

95% of property management companies are really small and only manage a handful of properties a few are big. Less than 5% of property management companies are big.

SGI is in the big category. SGI manages over 500 properties, which means we have all the staff and systems to support your needs. But most companies that get big, lose that personal touch. SGI prides itself in being a family oriented business. Taking time to care about the individual needs of the customer matters to us.

Make sure you watch the review video on our website it has a lot of our reviews in one spot for you to see.

We agree wholeheartedly with the CEO of Zappo’s:

“We believe that customer service shouldn’t be just a department; it should be the entire company.”

Tony Hesieh, CEO of Zappos

SGI is Not Perfect, But We Will Be Straight With You.

We’re going to screw up. We have in the past, and we will in the future. If you look at all our reviews, they are not all perfect.

We do have an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau. That’s not bad.

But we only have a 4 out of 5 on Google+. We’d love to have that higher. Sure some of them could be bad reviews made up by competitors. It happens. Unfortunately. (By the way, how is it that some property management companies have a crazy amount of “PERFECT” reviews that all sound exactly the same? Kind of sound like they were written by a robot, not by a real honest customer?). Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Back to our reviews. Some of our less than perfect reviews are from crazy folks who no one could make happy no matter how hard they tried. You’ve met some of those types in your life, right?

But some of the less than perfect reviews, we earned. We blew it and our customers called us out on it. And honestly, we thank them for it. It makes us better. It causes us physical pain when we blow it.

We WANT to get better at delivering awesome service every day. We never WANT to screw up of course. But it happens.

So what do we do if that happens?
We’ll try to fix whatever caused the screwup.

And when we screw up, we’ll own it. Take responsibility. Be accountable. We’ll tell you the truth, tell you straight what is going on.

We love the idea of making the real estate world a more honest place to be, we like the idea so much that we are helping fund a documentary on dishonesty. The documentary is being made by Dan Ariely, world famous author and behavioral psychologist at Duke University.

Why did we help fund his movie? Because we want the world to be a more honest place.