Four Guarantees

Check out our competitors. Count how many guarantees they make you. Go ahead, take a look at their websites…we’ll wait. What did you find? Our guess is that you scarcely found ONE guarantee. Most have none.

SGI has FOUR guarantees:

1) Fast rental guarantee

We guarantee to rent your home in 14 Days…or your first two months of management are free.

2) Low price guarantee

We guarantee to beat any legitimate competitor offer.

3) Quality tenant guarantee

Any tenant we find for you will work out, or we’ll replace them for free for up to 4 months.

4) 60 day money-back guarantee

If you are unhappy for any reason and decide to cancel SGI's services, we’ll refund your management fees, up to 2 months (but we’d rather just make you happy!).

Why do we offer four guarantees? Because we know how hard you have worked to own the home you are thinking about having someone else manage.

We want you to know its going to be in good hands. So we make promises to you about how we’ll take care of you and your home. And then we stand behind those promises with guarantees.